It Feels Like A Ball To The Face

I've been threatening to do it for a long time now.

I'll give you a clue...I was putting it off because of teaching (now I have resigned), and also hesitated because of home studies (and now those are over, too).

Any guesses?

I finally re-pierced my nose!!!

I love it.

It's a little higher than I had last time around (which was over eight years ago, yikes), but I like that it's a little bit "unexpected."  Back when I had it done in college, it was just starting to be super trendy, so I feel like I'm just jumping on a band wagon this time, but I don't care.

I am in love.

I also love that I had to put my son to bed and then go out and do something "rebellious."  I am definitely getting back in touch with my hippie self (I am also considering these again).

Sunday will be my 27th birthday, so this was my present to myself!  Sorry, Suzy, I used the little bit of money I was saving for a new Cricut on this.

I went to Westside Tattoos here in town.  It was very affordable, pretty clean, and the guys were really helpful and nice.  I'm actually thinking about a tattoo down the line...but that is a lot more commitment than I am willing to make at this point.

Anyway, thanks for all your love and comments on the unfolding story of Michelle & Herb.  Chapter 5 will hopefully be coming tomorrow!  Or, in case you missed it all together, start at Chapter 1, and follow as Prince Charming earns his title!


  1. SUPER cute!!! I really want to get a new stud; I've had the same boring one for 4 years.

    Heh. That sounded funny. :)

    And yes, hippie mama!! Get the cloth diapers!!!!! ;)


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