Diaper Inspired Hair

The weather was so gorgeous here yesterday.  After Levi and I were done mowing the lawn, we spent some time on the porch swing, and I made a mental note to come back later that afternoon to do his 10 month zebra shot.  I have been really bad at getting those photos done on his actual birthday, so they are typically his month 1/2 birthday.  Haha!

Anyway, I'm so glad I did.

Aren't these diapers ridiculous?  They were a gift from Jocelyn for my birthday.  In her words, "You know these diapers were made for the moms, anyway."

The cool dude diapers inspired the cool dude hair (which is done using baby lotion and only lasts about two hours).

Then Herb came home in the middle of the shoot, so he jumped in a few pics too, especially when I realized the happy accident of our coordinating outfits.

I think one of these pictures will be used for Levi's (gasp) birthday invitation.  Any guesses what the theme will be?

And finally, the score of the evening.  At Salvation Army last night, my dear mom found this Gap Genuine Leather coat for our little rock star.  The price? $2!  I see a leather coat, blue jeans diaper, and mohawk picture in our future.


  1. Tell me you don't look that cute mowing the lawn! :) I LOVE these pictures of Levi....so awesome. I'm guessing his theme will be Zebras or Rock N Roll?

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