Ten Months :: Top Ten

Levi celebrated his ten month birthday on the first day of our vacation.  In light of the big ten, I give you an informative top ten favorite things about this kid.

10. He has an engineer mind.  He can hold the same toy, or any object for that matter, and just inspect it for a really long time.

9. Even though he crawls well, he doesn't stray too far from wherever mom and dad.  He loves us that much.

8. He babbles all the time.  His favorite word is "Da-doo."  Lots of "mama," "dada," "baba," and "dat," but, I think they are still nondiscriminatory at this point.  Does he know I'm called "mama" and Herb is "dada?" I don't think so.

7. Levi will eat any and all food offered to him.  His favorites right now include sliced grapes and bananas, whole peas, plain pasta, and anything bread related.

6. Naps and bedtime are on a wonderful schedule right now (that is, if we're actually at home).  Wake at 8, nap from 10-12, nap from 2-3, bedtime at 7:30.  We are a little flexible give or take a half hour on either side, but it is super easy to predict what he is going to need and how to plan our day.

5. His little teeth are so cute (and good for eating).   There are two on the top, four on the bottom.  One more top one is breaking through as we speak, and today I felt a bottom molar breaking through also!  That means 8 total!  When he is really happy or excited, he opens his whole mouth to smile, like an "O."

4. He LOVES the cat.  She does not love him.  But if she puts up with him and does not pee on the carpet, I will let her stay upstairs for now.  The love of the cat is motivating Levi to learn how to crawl up steps.

3.  Levi is a water baby - just like me!  I can't wait to take him to the beach someday!

2. His skin is darkening and hair is lightening from the sun.  We recently found out he has some Italian and Indian heritage, which is what explains his beautiful olive tone.

1.  He is ours!


  1. Happy 10 months, Levi!!! You are a very loved little man ;)

  2. When Carter teethed, he enjoyed frozen peas. Kinda like Dippin' Dots.


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