I am so excited about today's word - FREE!  Free is one of my top five favorite words in the English language.  It gets my heart racing and feet grab the thing that is free.

Today's free thing?  A new kitchen table!!

The "Before" Picture - 60" round, medium oak pedastal table.  3 adorable kids.
It's been a long time since I shared any house related projects - in fact, it's been a while since I got to tap in to that part of my brain.  This project was so therapeutic for me today.  The weather was beautiful (so we could go outside and enjoy it while painting), the project was fairly quick (two hours with a preschool helper), and it was something easy enough that Levi could (kind of) help.

A few weeks ago, Melody offered me a free kitchen table.  Formerly her kids' home-school table, she knew I was kicking around the idea of replacing my rectangular table with a round one.  This table was a thrift find by Melody's mom, passed on to Melody, and passed on to me.  Thanks Melody and Denise! The round table fits SO MUCH better in our kitchen.  And I finally have space for a high chair (when the time comes!).

This was first experience painting a sizable piece of furniture, actually maybe painting any furniture.  After reading lots of tutorials, I was sold on wanting to re-do this table using Chalk Paint.  Chalk paint is awesome for distressing with a sand block and requires no prep-work (no sanding, stripping).  Name brand chalk paint is $35 a quart, plus the cost of wax.  I went the DIY route and made my own chalk paint using paint I already had mixed with Plaster of Paris.  I paid $8 for the plaster, and I could easily do 12 more tables with the amount I have left, which is good because now I want to chalk paint and distress everything I own.  Office desk and kitchen benches, I'm looking at you.

If you're looking for the recipe, check out this link: DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

I haven't completed the project - the table still needs a coat of wax or poly or shellac.  We'll see what the hardware store in the back of my dad's work van has to offer.

I am so happy with the way this turned out!  I am just waiting to find the perfect chairs to go with my table (let's hope they're free on the side of the road).

In case you're wondering where my kitchen table went, don't worry, I didn't get rid of it.  It was a gift from my bridesmaids.  It is in the basement being used as a sewing table.  But I do have another small kitchen table I'd love to pass on if anyone else needs one - yes that means I have three kitchen tables in my small townhouse right now.


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