Feeling alone sucks.

Feeling alone while you are literally always surrounded by people is even worse.  I know that is the reality for far too many people.  We grow tired and weary and need refreshed, and often that refreshment comes in the form of other people.

Someone taking time to sit down over coffee and really ask how you day was.  Someone driving insanely out of their way just to pop in and say hello.  Someone laying down their own agenda and to do list just to take time to visit.

Today I was the recipient of a visit that completely lifted my spirits.  And at the same time I can think of at least three other people who could definitely benefit from the blessing of a visit.  Oh, that I may see beyond my own weariness in order to be there for someone else.  That I may lay down my own burdens long enough to help someone else carry the load for a while.

Because wherever two or more people are gathered together, that is where God is. A strand of three is not easily broken.

This song has been on my heart for the last two days.  This morning during rehearsal, it made me reach my breaking point.  Lord, I need you.  I hope if you're in the place of weariness, this song can be an encouragement to you.  And I am praying that you don't feel alone.

Because you're not.


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