It's Oct 3 and I'm chugging along with the Nester's 31 days of blogging, using prompts from Heading Home .  It's "Five Minute Friday," which means I need to severely cut down on my usual blogging procedure to finish and hit publish today.  Shoot, I've already wasted a minute explaining myself. :)

I'm going to keep today simple and share what is "NEW" in the Suereth house - something I made facebook official weeks ago but never officially blogged about...

We are PAPER pregnant - OFFICIALLY a "waiting adoptive family."

Levi's 4th birthday party.
What does that mean?  It means our profile book is on a pile with several others in the office of Bethany Christian Service and when an expectant mother chooses to make an adoption plan, we are "in the mix" of families she can choose.  Our profile has already been shown 2 times!  Once we were at this stage with Levi, it was ironically about nine months until we became parents.  So, truly, it could be "any day," but more likely we are in for a long haul wait - so I'm trying very hard to be patient! :)

If you're looking for a detailed timeline about adoption, click here to read about Levi's adoption process four years ago.

The picture above is from Levi's fourth birthday party.  When he blew out his candles he said, "I wish I could be a nice big good brother."  He's ready.  We're ready.  Can't wait to see what the next few months hold!


  1. I must've missed it when you posted on FB. So happy to hear this news! Can't wait to hear of your little one's arrival!

  2. Paper pregnant. I love that!! So exciting!


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