Levi L-O-V-E-S playing with cars, trucks, airplanes, trains.  Often times, he plays lying on his stomach on the floor, eye level with the vehicle of choice.  This can occupy him for hours, with breaks only to pee or ask someone to play with him and his cars.  I've noticed that at times he'll rise to his hand and knees, vehichle just below his face and then crawl around the tractor trailer or train and look at it from every angle.  He moves it forward a few inches then turns the front end a mere forty-five degrees, then inspects it again.

What is he looking at?  I have no idea.  But he's getting perspective.  He's checking out different views, he's seeing how parts work together.  It's funny because it's just a toy, right?  He is trying to observe every aspect of said toy.

Oh, that is so not me.  Observing takes too long.  I have too much to say sometimes.  Definitely too much to get done to sit back and observe, take in the view.  It's sad, because I KNOW I am missing some angles.  I know I am often seeing only one perspective.

I made a pretty big purchase this summer that is helping me with my view.  It amazes me that even in my EXTREME ignorance on how to actually take great pictures, there are things that in a picture that I never notice in real time.

Like the light through the leaves on a fall day on my beautiful tree lined street where Levi rides bike.

Or the white hairs peeking through Herb's beard as he gives me the stop-taking-my-picture-now look.

Or the perfect curves of this little baseball lover's profile.

Oh that I may stop and see the view, even without a camera in my hand.


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